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JiM BaSTiAN SwiNGS BoTh WaYs…..

                                 GuiTaR aNd BaSS

In these pages you can hear clips of JiM performing on both guitar and bass… Jim's magazine articles Jazz Guitar Hardball.......find information on contacting Jim for clinics, festivals, and club work.....visit Jim's IslandFunhouse Vintage Guitars + Parts.....and read about Jim's published jazz books (including the internationally best-selling Wes Montgomery chord method How to Play Chordal Bebop Lines, for Guitar)!

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                NEW BEST-SELLER IN THE E-STORE.......
    A breakthrough Wes Montgomery-style improvisational chord system....
                    How to Play Chordal Bebop Lines, for Guitar
   "This is very good educational material. If I study it the way I should, it will fill gaps in my approach that should have been filled long ago."   - Robert Kraut,  guitarist with Tony Monaco

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