PeRforMaNce           "You keep playing, keep studying, keep listening, keep learning, and you keep developing. Jazz is not a nine to one A.M.  job, once or twice a week. It's a way of life. Some people develop in their twenties. Some people mature in their thirties. It took me to reach my fifties before I matured. It finally happened when a situation took place where I became more secure and much happier with myself. I wasn't satisfied then, but I was satisfied that I was finally heading in the direction that I really should have been heading in all along." Red Rodney



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Love For Sale     Guitar solo; Arlin Strader / Benny Hill group; South Carolina, 2010.
Out of Nowhere    Guitar solo; Randy Ash group; Rhode Island, 2010.
I'll Remember April    Guitar solo; Arlin Strader / Benny Hill group, South Carolina, 2010.
Well You Needn't   Guitar solo; Randy Ash group; Rhode Island, 2010.
What a Difference a Day Makes  Guitar solo, Randy Ash group; Rhode Island, 2010.
The Shadow of Your Smile  Guitar melody statement and solo; Full Circle Jazz combo, Massachusetts, 2009
2009 Live Recordings with Arlin Strader at Coastal Ale House, with veteran Philly B-3 player Ray Malach:
Body and Soul
Four  (With 82 year old drummer sitting in!)
If You Could See Me Now   (melody statement)
2003 Studio project.....Jim playing guitar, bass, and auxilliary percussion.
All The Things You Are   Excerpt: Jim's guitar and bass solos
Moon and Sand    With vocals...followed by jim's guitar and bass solos
Get Out of Town   With vocals...followed by Jim's guitar and bass solos
Speak Low    Jim's guitar and bass solos.
Early 90's recordings with organist Tony Monaco, Columbus, Ohio
A Night in Tunisia
Blues Riff
Excerpts from Jim's Teaching Studio
Just Friends   Recorded during a lesson. Head and solo by Jim. Final choruses use octaves, then alot of the Wes-style chord techniques as outlined in my book Chordal Bebop Lines.  Click here to go to Chordal bebop Lines series of books.
Night and Day   Recorded during a lesson. Starts at Jim's solo.
Beautiful Love   Recorded during a lesson. Jim plays head and solo.
With College of Charleston Faculty
Solo on Groovin' High; College of Charleston Faculty Trio, mid 90's.
Solo on Speak Low: College of Charleston Faculty Trio, mid 90's.