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Forward Steps in Melodic Soloing     June 2009


New Ideas on Practicing     May 2009


Evans Amplifiers: Interview with Scot Buffington  April 2009


Strolliní with T-Bone Walker, Part 2          April 2009


Strollin' With T-Bone Walker, Part 1      March 2009


The Elvis Effect and Jazz Education    February  2009


Schecterís Hot Rod History, January 2009


A Holiday Theme from Wes Montgomery    December 2008


Wes Montgomery Octaves   November 2008


Luthier Mark Campellone Interview October 2008

                                           Mark Campellone  page 2

Exploring the Bebop Style of Charlie Parker     October 2008

Jazz Exercise: Countdown  September 2008

Down Home with Cal Collins    August 2008

Pentatonics Gone Wild!    July 2008 

Tal Farlow:  Reluctant Jazz Great and His Gibson Model    April 2008


Johnny Smith: Extraordinary Man, Extraordinary Guitar    March 2008


The World of George Benson, Part 1     January  2008


The World of George Benson   Part 2     February 2008



ďJim can jump between several subjects seamlesslyÖ..one of our favorite contributors!Ē

                                    Adam Moore, Managing Editor
                                    Premier Guitar
 Magazine (June 3, 2008)


"Thanks for helping us make Premier Guitar a killer mag!"

                                   Joe Coffey, Editorial Director

                                    Premier Guitar Magazine (Sept. 11, 2008)


"...great column, extremely valuable content".

                                 Gayla Paul Drake, Managing Editor

                                 Premier Guitar Magazine (March 17, 2009)

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Barney Kesselís Improvised Chord Lines   September 2007 


Gibson and the Artist Barney Kessel Models    August 2007


Jazz Guitar Major: Pros and Cons, July 2007


Why We Collect   June 2007


Vintage Jazz Guitar Market: Bullish, Bearish, or Biased?    May 2007


From the Heart, Part 2     April 2007


From the Heart, Part 1    March 2007


Why Johnny Canít Read    February 2007




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