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"Be inspired to perform, practice, and restore!"
"IslandFunhouse* has been supplying customers with the finest in vintage guitars, parts, and jazz education materials for over 12 years!  Musician owned and operated....we understand the needs of serious players and collectors! Visit the new e-store where jazz guitar, vintage Gibson, case restoration parts, jazz books, and vintage parts will inspire you to perform, practice, and restore! We are SERIOUS about customer service, fast shipping, accurate descriptions, and great pricing. Join our long list of repeat customers!  * (Based in Rhode Island)
Do you want to sell something on consignment?....IslandFunhouse has a history of consignment selling for both local and name artists.
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Visit the e-store for case restoration parts, and guitar parts - both new and vintage! 
 Visit the e-store for vintage tailpieces, tuners, bridges, pickguards, knobs, and pickups!
Visit the e-store for jazz education materials aimed at advancing your performance skills!