PeRforMaNce           "You keep playing, keep studying, keep listening, keep learning, and you keep developing. Jazz is not a nine to one A.M.  job, once or twice a week. It's a way of life. Some people develop in their twenties. Some people mature in their thirties. It took me to reach my fifties before I matured. It finally happened when a situation took place where I became more secure and much happier with myself. I wasn't satisfied then, but I was satisfied that I was finally heading in the direction that I really should have been heading in all along." Red Rodney





                      Speak Low


                      Get Out of Town


                      All the Things You Are


                       Moon and Sand  


                      Donít Go to Strangers


                                  FOUR   Jim's solo.  Performing at the Carolina Ale House in Conway, SC,                                  with Arlin Strader and veteran Philly organist Ray Malach. 

                                With 82-year-old drummer sitting in! There's no reason not to swing all your life!


                          If You Could See Me Now  

                                  Jim's melody statement, with organist Ray Mallach and drummer Arlin Strader.

                                   My favorite ballad. 


                          Just Friends   Guitar duo from Jim's teaching studio: Jim plays melody and solo,

                                                                    ending in some Wes-style chord work


                         Night and Day   Guitar Duo from Jim's teaching studio: excerpt -  Jim's solo


                         My Foolish Heart

                      Chord solo: Sound clip enters at chorus 2, Jim's improvisation on the  form.

The first five tracks are with Jim playing guitar, bass, and auxilliary percussion instruments, behind the vocals of Sharon Winterbottom.
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