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Top-level performers regard Jim as "the ultimate sideman", providing a large repertoire of  standard jazz tunes, an impressive command of both guitar and bass, and a professional, mature, traditional jazz style on stage. Whether you need a 'last minute' sub for an important club date or an advance sideman booking for a concert or festival, Jim knows how to deliver a lasting performance that will give you space to swing. Jim is a full-time player, and free to travel.
Jim is a top level jazz educator with ten years of college-level teaching experience, ten published jazz texts for guitar and trumpet, 30 published articles in the past three years, and a stellar history in private teaching. Jim has conducted workshops for rock guitarists desiring a transition into jazz guitar. His specialty in workshops for mid-level to advanced guitarists is working with topics related to his series of books "How to Play Chordal Bebop Lines, for Guitar". In broader clinics for all instruments, Jim has conducted workshops on combo techniques, solo development in improvisation, and topics on practicing.
Jim has attracted serious students over the years, many of whom have gone on to full-time performing and teaching careers. Currently, Jim has homes in both South Carolina and Rhode Island, offering two locales for serious students. Those desiring advanced study using the Chordal Bebop Lines books have travelled great distances to study this topic in greater depth.
"Jim is a superior talent, both musically and scholastically. His performance ability is at the level of any current recording guitarist".
Barry Greene, University of North Florida
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